Regenosis Gero-Science Fund

The REGENOSIS GERO-SCIENCE FUND (“Regenosis” or the “Fund”) offers investors an opportunity to participate in the fast-evolving geroscience biomedical sector through its investments in businesses focused on human longevity, lifespan and healthspan extension.

The Fund expects this sector to be a multi-trillion dollar opportunity by 2050 given the ageing global population and increasing health consciousness.

About the fund

Regenosis is an open-ended fund that aims to deliver stable long term capital appreciation by investing in public and private healthcare assets, biomedical intellectual property, and businesses each with assessed probable successful medical technology over a three-to-five-year horizon.

The Fund is registered in the Cayman Islands as a segregated portfolio of Edge Capital Fund SPC, with SGX listed TalkMed Group Limited and Singapore’s pioneering cord blood bank StemCord Pte Ltd as anchor investors and is advised by a panel of international key opinion leaders in geroscience and senior specialist doctors from Singapore.

Anchor Investors


Prof Brian Kennedy

Distinguished Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Prof. Matt Kaeberlein

Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Prof. Zeng Xianmin

Visiting Professor, Centre for Healthy Ageing / Physiology, National University of Singapore

Dr. Ang Peng Tiam

Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist, Parkway Cancer Centre, CEO TalkMed Group

Dr. Teo Cheng Peng

Senior Consultant, Haematologist, Parkway Cancer Centre

Dr Khoo Kei Siong

Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist, Parkway Cancer Centre

Dr. Leong See Odd

Senior Consultant, Nephrologist, Gleneagles Hospital,

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