Edge Capital Fund (Credit Opportunities)

The EDGE CAPITAL FUND (Credit Opportunities) is proven to generate superior return by investing primarily in short to mid-term credit and bridge funding opportunities from publicly listed issuers in Asia, with selective exposure to private companies.

Such opportunities are increasingly prevalent as a consequence of the changing regulatory landscape at financial institutions which has created significant challenges and funding gaps for small to mid cap companies in Asia (if not globally).

About the fund

EDGE CAPITAL FUND (Credit Opportunities)  is a multi-sector open-ended fund that aims to address the funding gap in Asia, by investing in credit instruments, short and mid-term notes, convertible securities, preference shares or mezzanine equity, warrants, and equity of issuers primarily in ASEAN and Greater China with average maturities or investment horizon of six to thirty six months.  

The Fund is registered in the Cayman Islands as a segregated portfolio of Edge Capital Fund SPC.


Return, Annualized (%)


Standard Deviation, Annualized (%)


Sharpe Ratio(3)


Maximum / Minimum Monthly Return (%)

15.0 / (8.2)

Win / Loss (Number of Months)

37 / 25

Return Summary


3 Month

6 Months

1 Year







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