Press Release
March 1, 2019

Industry veterans join hands to form fund management company

Edge Capital to introduce new funds focused on niche investments.

Singapore, 1 March 2019 – Edge Capital Asset Management Pte. Ltd. (“Edge Capital”) has been formally incorporated as the external fund management entity of the Edge Capital Group of Companies, PhiMattell family office (Singapore), Propella Group (Thailand) and the Nyvene Family (Vietnam), pending regulatory approval by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Edge Capital's founders and management comprise Messrs. Bernard Ong, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer; and Lee Ka Shao, Chief Executive Officer and Investment Committee Member, where collectively they possess six decades worth of experience in global corporate and investment banking, trading and investment management, family office and deal structuring in both public and private markets.  

Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Mr. Bernard Ong

Mr. Ong is the Founder and Chairman of the Edge Capital Group of companies and possesses operational, financial, risk and portfolio management experience drawn from more than 30 years in his family invested operational businesses and in the finance and banking industry, where he held senior management positions both locally and regionally within HSBC’s credit risk, corporate and investment banking as well as commercial banking divisions. His career within the finance and banking industry spans several organisations including the United Overseas Banking Group, the Oversea-Chinese Banking Group, HSBC Group and Wayfoong Shipping Group (part of HSBC Hong Kong). With billions of deals transacted,  Mr. Ong has a strong track record of advising, structuring and raising funds for corporates across Asia especially in the areas of real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions, including mezzanine structures, environmental and power, shipping and logistics.

Chief Executive Officer and Investment Committee Member, Mr. Lee Ka Shao

Mr. Lee is a market veteran in investment banking, trading and investments, advisory and structuring and in working with family offices. He started in New York with J.P. Morgan in 1994 as a derivatives trader before establishing an Asia structuring group in 1998 post Asian crisis to help governments and companies restructure after being wrecked with impediments and capital controls. Headhunted into DBS in 2000, he was Managing Director, Central Treasury, investing DBS $20 billion shareholders’ funds and performing DBS’s asset and liability management. In 2007, he was a founding member of Abax Global Capital, Hong Kong, a Morgan Stanley backed special situations hedge fund manager and in 2009, was the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cavenagh Capital, Amsterdam, a global macro hedge fund manager backed by APG.  In 2012, Mr. Lee started his family office PhiMattell and in 2017 founded Skeel Advisors to work with high-net-worth families and various Asian companies to assist them on fund raising and restructuring activities.

Edge Capital will tap on the expertise of its management to offer various differentiated strategies to qualified investors, upon obtaining regulatory registration.

About Edge Capital Asset Management Pte. Ltd.

Edge Capital Asset Management (“Edge Capital”) is a fund management company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Edge Capital is the investment manager to Edge Capital Fund SPC, a Cayman segregated portfolio company with various fund strategies. Edge Capital aims to be a fore runner in fund management both in Singapore and the region. Its portfolios are focused to provide exposure into niche areas where investors will benefit from high return multiples. All assets under management are actively managed for risk and towards delivering strong performance for investors.

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